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Burial Plots

Effective February 1, 2017, a plot in the Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery, at 826 Crescent Drive, will cost $2250. $1125 (50 %) of the purchase price is payable immediately and the balance may be paid over five years at a minimum rate of $225 per year. (Note: the opening and closing costs are not included in the above fees).

Responsibilities of the Parish and Family Members

St. Vital Parish of Fort Garry at 1629 Pembina Highway in Winnipeg, is responsible for maintenance costs of the cemetery. Each season, maintenance of plots and the cost of grass cutting continue to increase. Unfortunately, not all of our cemetery families are diligent in looking after the graves of their loved ones. We often have to step in and correct problems caused by aging grave-caps (no longer allowed) and grave-curbing (no longer allowed). This is not only a problem for aesthetics, more importantly, it is an insurance hazard. We would appreciate if anyone who visits a grave, please take note of its care, perhaps even notify the family if the grave does not seem neat and well kept.

Memorialization: Remembering loved ones at the cemetery

The need to remember the life of a loved one who has died has been part of the human experience throughout history. It is also part of Christian tradition to pray for the deceased. In the Catholic Church, the baptized are encouraged to remember through prayer, ritual and permanent symbols those who have gone before us in faith. To this end we would suggest that markers be placed on the graves of loved ones, no later than three years after the burial.

Adornment of graves is the individual responsibility of family members and plot owners. It should not interfere with maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Flowers, real or silk, should be placed in proper memorial vases. Glass containers are no longer permitted. To maintain the elegance and serenity of the cemetery, weathered floral arrangements will be discarded at the discretion of the maintenance staff. Please contact the Parish office before planting any new trees or shrubs.

Burial Plot Policies & Procedures

  1. All persons over the age of eighteen are welcome to be plot owners in the Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery, situated at 826 Crescent Drive in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

  2. Total cost of a plot within our parish cemetery is currently $2250. In order to reserve a plot, a down payment of $1125 is required. The remainder is payable over five years at a minimum rate of $225 per year. Prices are subject to change. (Note: the opening and closing costs are not included in the above fees).

  3. Anyone wishing to return a previously purchased plot may do so. The Cemetery Administration of St Vital Parish will pay 50% of the original purchase price. Private selling of plots is not allowed.

  4. Burials must be scheduled between Monday to Friday during regular work hours. At time of need, the plot will be marked for burial by authorized Cemetery personnel.

  5. All graves must be marked with a suitable plaque or memorial stone within three years of the burial. At the time of memorial placement at the gravesite, Cemetery Administration must be contacted.

  6. Each plot may hold a maximum of one full burial plus three ash burials. Four ash burials may be permitted on a new plot with no headstone in place. Headstone in this case should be installed in two years. Opening and Closing fees will be applied per burial at the time of need at the current price. 

  7. No burial of caskets or cremated remains is permitted without express permission of Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery Administration and in accordance with the Laws of the Province of Manitoba. Any unauthorized burials will be disinterred.

  8. Grave covers or caps are no longer permitted as of January 1st, 2012. Current caps may be maintained, but shall not be replaced. Unmaintained covers will be removed and family will be contacted.

  9. Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery Administration is responsible for regular maintenance of cemetery grounds including, but not limited to, grass cutting, snow removal, concrete runs (new section), and roadways.

  10. Adornment of graves is the individual responsibility of family members and plot owners, but must not interfere with the maintenance of the cemetery grounds. Flowers, real or silk should be in proper memorial vases. GLASS CONTAINERS ARE NOT PERMITTED FOR ANY REASON ON CEMETERY PROPERTY. Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery Administration will not accept responsibility for flower arrangements at any time. Weathered silk arrangements will be discarded immediately. Silk or imitation arrangements are discouraged from April 15 – November 1.

  11. The planting of shrubs or trees is not permitted without permission.

  12. The placement of buildings, fences, edging, loose gravel or any kind of structure upon, or alterations to, grave sites shall require the permission of Fort Garry Roman Catholic Cemetery Administration.

  13. Policies and prices may be amended as necessary.

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