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Columbarium Placement – Cemetery concept drawing

Effective February 1, 2017 niche prices in the Fort Garry RC Cemetery will be as follows:

$2150 per niche located in the two top rows of the columbarium structure and

$2050 per niche located in the two bottom rows.


A Columbarium is the structure located at Fort Garry RC Cemetery. The purpose of the columbarium is to provide a place on church property for the respectful preservation of cremated remains.

A Niche is a designated space in the columbarium.


An Urn is a vessel which holds the cremated remains of one person. Urns must be appropriate for human remains and Christian tradition. Care must be taken to select urns that will fit into the space in a respectful manner.

Inurnment is the placing of cremated remains in an urn followed by placement in a niche or some other resting location.

Wait a second… This is about cremation…

Can Catholics be cremated?  When did that change?

In former times, certain pagans cremated their dead to signify that there is no life after death.  Because of the significance behind this act of cremation, Catholics were forbidden to be cremated because we believe in life after death.   However, those pagan rituals are long gone now.  In 1963, changes were made to the Code of Canon Law and to the Rite of Christian Funerals that permitted Catholics to be cremated after the funeral.  In 1998, further changes were made that now permit the cremated remains to be present at the funeral.

For more complete information on the matter of cremation you may wish to consult the following link on the Canadian Catholic Conference of Bishops website which clearly outlines the Catholic position regarding cremation and funerals. CATHOLICS AND CREMATION

Columbarium Niche Policies & Procedures

  1. Prices quoted are for a maximum of two urns per niche.

  2. Price does not include opening and closing costs – each urn is considered separately.

  3. Price does not include engraving – black granite niche covers are designed to be identical with no variation in font, style and with no additional script or verses.

  4. As of October 2012 and until further notice: all engraving shall be done through the monument company chosen by St Vital RC Parish.

  5. A down payment of 50% of the purchase price is required to reserve a niche. The balance is payable in installments over 5 years.

  6. Payment for a niche gives the person the right to reserve a niche for inurnment or memorialization. It does not convey ownership of any
    real property.

  7. Anyone wishing to return a previously purchased or reserved niche may do so.  The cemetery administration of St. Vital Parish will reimburse 50 % of the amount paid for the purchase or reservation of the niche.  Private selling of a niche is not allowed.

  8. All people purchasing a niche will be asked to sign an agreement stating that they have read and agree with these policies.

  9. All rules for the assignment of niches will be determined by St Vital RC Parish.

  10. In order to maintain the elegance and integrity of the columbarium, no flowers, ornaments or added displays of any kind will be permitted on or near the columbarium structures.

  11. Deposition of urns in the niches will be scheduled during regular working hours – niches will only be opened by a staff member of St Vital Parish.

  12. Urns must be appropriate for human remains and Christian tradition. The interior of the niche is 12x12x12 ". Care must be taken to select urns that will fit into the space in a respectful manner.

  13. All interments must be authorized by the Administration of the Fort Garry RC Cemetery authority.

  14. Policies and prices may be amended as necessary.


Fort Garry RC Cemetery Administration is responsible for regular maintenance of cemetery grounds including: innovation, grass cutting, snow removal, concrete runs and roadways.


Note: If the above policies are not agreeable to the individual who wishes to be cremated and have their remains interred in Fort Garry RC Cemetery, then perhaps we could suggest that you purchase a full plot for in-ground burial.  There are no restrictions on the size, script or additional verses on the monuments of full plot burials.


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